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Bienvenue a Versailles - English Version -

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Bienvenue a Versailles - English Version - Empty Bienvenue a Versailles - English Version -

Message par KingReshin le Sam 30 Sep 2017 - 19:36

Welcome to Versailles dear courtiers and noble ones,

Thank you so very much for accepting the King's invite, he will be delighted to know you are joining him.

Take a walk across the Royal court to reach the Marble court. On your first visit, announce and introduce yourself formally to the court, and its courtiers (Bienvenue a la Cour). However be warned, thou shall respect rules and the etiquette, or fear the risk of being banned from the court for ever (Read all about the Etiquette here). Learn more about our team, upcoming events, and even give us feedback and suggestion.

It is a beautiful day, and I am absolutely convinced you will thoroughly enjoy meandering through the gardens, discovering beautiful fountains, manicured lawns and amazing flower displays. Versailles is the most beautiful estate in France. No expenses were spared to create such a stunning display of fine art. Do share your pleasure with others in the section Chateau de Versailles (read more about the Chateau in the section Chateau de Versailles)

The Kings apartments are his private retreat, placed in the center of the Marble court. No one may access them uninvited. Become a privileged witness to the life of the King through the Versailles series.
Take part in many discussions about his reign, prestigious moments and troubles. Learn more about the cast, and all the behind the scene activities and secrets.

Walk across the Hall of mirrors, a breath taking place where the nobility meet and socialize. Share your experiences should you have met  with the cast, discuss official events of the series, show off your artistic talents through your fan art or just simply relax by playing games.

The Musee du Forum is the place to go should you want to know more about Versailles. Painting, books, movies etc will be suggested to you. Or you may also share your references.

The Petit Trianon will host our archives, and introduce you to our partners.

Wishing you a wonderful time with us!

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